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2011-07-28 55 12

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Thu 28 Jul 2011 in 55,12:
55.5918538, 12.5768172

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[edit] Location

Todays hash is located on a quiet residential street in southern Amager.

[edit] Participants

bjuhn dropped by for a brief visit after work

[edit] Expedition

Observing that the hash was roughly within what could be described as a short detour off my way home from work, (at least, it was not in the entire opposite direction..) I decided to have a race with nature, to see if I could make the trip before it started to rain. Setting out on my trusty scooter (it has by now been over a month without it breaking down) I made it to the highway. After an uneventful drive, only interrupted by me having to empty out one tank and fill up another, I arrived at the hash, which was situated on an ordinary residential road. The smell of rain was in the air, so after taking a couple of quick photos, I headed home. I had only just made it in the door when the rain started. (me: 1, nature: 0)

[edit] Photos

[edit] Achievements