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Mon 25 Jul 2011 in 48,9:
48.7467890, 9.2740204

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A residential road at Esslingen-Mettingen, close to the Daimler-Benz motor factory.


  • Ekorren went there by bike and continued to Stuttgart


Basically took the Neckar valley cycle trail to get to Stuttgart, but tried a few variations after Köngen which turned out to make the not-so-nice part of the trip much worse. However, now I know that next time I better shouldn't try a route left of the river after Sirnau.

Not many pictures this time, sorry.

Friendly comment: I hate this unbelievable car-centric politics and planning around Stuttgart. I definitely would have been good in time if they would at least consider there might also be bicycles on this world. Can you imagine it took me 15 minutes to cross a single road at Esslingen? You can't? Well, then let me tell you the only reason why I even made it within of 15 minutes was that I didn't use the marked bike route but instead carried the bike over the steep and narrow stairs down and up the pedestrian tunnel. After I had found that there was no way to make a certain light turn green and that there even was a pedestrian tunnel.

You don't want to hear the unfriendly version :P