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Wed 13 Jul 2011 in 55,12:
55.7481992, 12.4984094

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Hash: 55.74820N 12.49841E

Closest town: Buddinge

Area: Small road



Due to its ease of access, I chose this as my first real geohash attempt. My train to and from work stopped at the closest station, some 300m away so I decided to take a small detour on my way home from work and also use the opportunity to use Geohash Droid for tracking it down.


A particularly uninteresting piece of asphalt was the target for this day's expedition. Conveniently located close to a train station in a suburb of Copenhagen, this geohash was perfect for a virgin geohasher and allround lazy bastard. The expedition came close to a premature failure as I almost forgot to get out of the train. Nonetheless, after successfully disembarking the A-train to Køge, I surveyed my surroundings for any immediate dangers and risks. The elevated platform made it easy to get a good view of the area. Apart from a nearby concentration of official peacekeepers there was nothing to suggest this particular point in the spacetime held any significance whatesoever.

Leaving the safety of the high ground, I ventured out in the natives' habitat just as the light drizzle that had hung over Copenhagen all day recommenced. There was a smell of both fear and curiosity in the air. Would the road be accessible? Would the area be swarmed by angry killer bees or another hitherto unforeseen obstacle? Would there be anymore adventures to be had in reaching this important landmark? I kept one eye on the map on my phone as I continued to approach the target.

After passing what I can only describe as a large endorsement of Team Michella (whoever she is), I turned right onto a narrow passageway through the bushes and other nondescript plantation. The passageway led straight onto the road I was aiming for, and the sight that met me can only be described as absolutely, impressively, amazingly average: A few two-story houses to my right and parking spots followed by a hedge to the left. Here, my goal was to be found. Here, my journey would come to its inevitable conclusion. Only 150m to go and there it was: the particular piece of road fate and the american stock market had chosen for me. Close nearby, a small soon-to-be tree had been planted, no doubt with all the hopes and dreams of the residents of the nearby houses. A few cars and vans were parked nearby but not much else of note.

I had brought an offering to the locals: a bag of freshly-made scones. Sadly though, they seemed too scared to approach me, even with the temptation of free baked goods. So after a while and a only a few curious glances from passersby, I ate a scone myself and started to take pictures of the surroundings and attempt to track down the exact spot. The GPS put me within 50cm of the spot and I promptly obtained photographic evidence, so this location can be recorded forever in the annals of geohashing. Any further recording was cut short by a phone crash, and fearing the curious glances of the residency might turn into suspicion and even hostility, I decided to scamper off (it might also have been the increasing rain though).

Heading back to the safety of base camp, I took an alternate route to investigate Team Michella further. Based on a cursory examination, it appears that the espouser of this particular Team makes a living as a hair stylist. Satisfied with this conclusion, I made it back to base camp, packed up and grabbed the first transit opportunity out of there. It seems the lives and times of this remarkable area and its indigenous people will remain clouded in mysteries for further expeditions to investigate.