2011-07-10 -36 174

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Sun 10 Jul 2011 in -36,174:
-36.7843653, 174.7574758

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Park next to Lake Pupuke, Northcote.



Well todays not really that good for us, we're in the middle of moving house and had planned to spend most of today cleaning (oh the joy). If we manage to get ourselves sorted we will nip down the road and pay the hash a visit.


So with time ticking down we decided that this hash was too easy and close to miss. Literally with only 20mins to spare in the day we shot down to the park. Turns out (as one would expect) its less of a park and more an area that was too boggy to build houses on so they covered the mud and underlying swamp with grass. After sloshing through some rather soggy ground with jandals afoot we snapped the required pictures and hot footed it out to our next appointment.