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Mon 4 Jul 2011 in 49,8:
49.4696023, 8.6514400

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In Schriesheim, about 9 km north of Heidelberg. Next to a street and hopefully just outside a building (not known to Google Maps due to outdated satellite imagery).


ilpadre will walk there, be there around 10:00 and take a tram back.



Walking to the hashpoint was the best thing to do, not only because of the distance, but also because the weather was just perfect - not a single cloud in the sky, but still not as hot a Heidelberg tends to get during summer days (a week ago and with 34°C, walking wouldn't have been a very good idea). The way led through many small fields where farmers produce vegetables sold in local stores or even directly at their farms. Lettuce, tomatoes, beans, sunflowers, cucumbers... it's really nice to see the demand for local food and regional products is increasing again.

The coordinates were in a development area with many newly built houses, that kind of traffic-calmed neighborhood with lots of playgrounds where young families buy a house to start a happy future. There was even a parking car with "just married" painted on the back. The hashpoint was just outside the doorway of one of those houses. Since in that kind of neighborhood you really don't want to raise suspicion I preferred to take my obligatory "stupid grin" photo from a couple of meters away.

I didn't feel tired after the walk and the weather was just too great to spend it riding home in a tram, so I decided to walk back home again (and thereby also saved 2.20 Euro). I walked a total of 19.3 km.