2011-07-04 40 -74

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Mon 4 Jul 2011 in 40,-74:
40.4696023, -74.6514400

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A field on Township Line Rd. in Hillsborough, Somerset County, NJ.




The field is behind a number of businesses on a side street off of Township Line Rd. It does not appear to be a farm, so it should be accessible.

Jevanyn: We're free earlier in the day for the most part.


We made plans to go to Morven that afternoon, as they were having a number of events between 12 and 3PM. That took us down US-206, only a quarter mile from the geohash. However, I had misgivings that it would be accessible: it was next to a farm, so it may have been planted. I did a recon on the way south, though, and found it not planted and not fenced-in, so I planned on walking out on the way back.

We left Morven about 4PM, parked in the parking lot of a business on the nearby street. Let me ask you, why is this place called "Longboat Complex", when it's 40 miles from the coast, and even further to the nearest Viking?

Anyway, I walked out into the field, and took N/S/E/W photos, as well as a shot of myself. Now if I could just get my phone to upload them!