2011-07-03 51 23

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Sun 3 Jul 2011 in Chełm, Poland:
51.1440572, 23.5689717

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It was lazy, rainy sunday afternoon. My sister and her husband and their kids visited me and after my sister fall asleep, my brother-in-law and I decided to check geohash coordinates for the day. And what do you know - they were just a few kilometres away! Without hesitation (well, maybe just a little, it was raining from time to time) we went on our next adventure! The hash was on some field next to the Chełm Cement Work and railroad line, it took us like 10 minutes to drive there. The field was swampy, so my drag along friend decided to stay in car and I bravely and alone walked to the hashpoint, scaring one deer on the way. Yaay :). Execept of that - nothing exciting happened :D.