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Sat 2 Jul 2011 in 50,11:
50.8831522, 11.5904028

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Right beside a professional school in Jena Göschwitz.


Expedition: Manu and Reinhard[edit]

When Reinhard looked up Saturday's coordinates on Friday afternoon, he initially was a bit sad, that they fell within the borders of Jena, while the weekend plan was to leave Jena on Friday evening. Nevertheless, Reinhard did a quick research, whether the coordinates could be reached, since at first glance it looked like they pointed into premises. With the help of google maps, which told Reinhard the approximate address and google he found out it could be a professional school and its website in combination with the satellite view proved it really was the school area and the building next to the hashpoint would be building 2, the technical center.

After work, Manu and Reinhard didn't leave Jena immediately, but had an appointment with friends in Jena to show each other's vacation pictures, and as this took six hours, it already was Saturday morning, when they started their drive to Manu's parents, passing the geohash in Jena-Göschwitz at a distance of about 100 m. Though it already was about 1 am, they at least had to try to visit the hashpoint. Finding the entrance to the school area was easy, but the gate was closed. Luckily, just 20 m beside the main entrance there was a broad open path leading into the area, so they parked the car in front of it and walked along that path for 200 m directly to the hashpoint, which was on grass less than 5 m away from building 2. Coordinates reached!

While Reinhard was enjoying the empty Autobahn towards Manu's parents' home and driving them safely there, Manu was (to Reinhard's surprise not falling asleep immediately, but) taking out the netbook and her new internet surf stick and creating this expedition page.

Bonus: If there were no daylight saving time in Germany, this would have been a perfect, accidental midnight geohash.

Photos: Manu and Reinhard[edit]

The official entrance is closed.  
But why do they close it, when there's a broad way into the area just 20 m next to it?  
Building 1 of the professional school on the right and builiding 2 with the hashpoint in front of it in the middle.  
Coordinates reached.  
Reinhard, Manu, Simon, Simone (and Ninja-Hasi in the backpack) standing at the exact coordinates.  

Expedition: Juja[edit]

This was my 50th Geohash, but I noticed too late, else I would have skipped this one and gone to a more interesting point for my personal Hashiversary... The point lay at only five-and-some kms distance to my home, so I cycled there in the morning (got other things to do in the afternoon, sorry, no meetup time), took the usual photos and cycled back. One of the easiest Geohashes I've ever done.

Photos: Juja[edit]

Oh my god - is this gonna be a No Trespassing?  
No it isn't: all the gates were open, no problem.  
Hashpoint reached! Juja's proof.  
There it was, on the right side of building 2 of the school.