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Thu 30 Jun 2011 in 48,9:
48.5819397, 9.0887852

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In the Schönbuch forest between Tübingen and Dettenhausen. The spot seems to be just a few meters off the forest track Heuallee (hay alley) and belongs to Tübingen. Easiest way by bike from Tübingen is probably through the Kirnbach valley. Nearest bus stop is Kälberstelle, served three times per hour by lines 826 and 828.


  • Ekorren thinks it's too close to skip and will probably go there by bike.


This was supposed to be a quick & easy expedition, and it mostly was.

Went by bike, not the shortest way, but via Bebenhausen and a few geocaches. When I had to cross the L1208 main road, I found that I had missed something in the planning: There's kind of a wall separating the two directions, and there's no way to somehow safely cross it with a bike. That resulted in a detour of about 2 km and some serious elevation, to find a place to cross that road.

The hash itself wasn't even slightly off the forest track as expected, it was just on the track. A true drive-in hash for bicyclists.

Then failed to find three more caches on the way back: The first was a mystery which wasn't where I thought it had to be (I found later that I had made a typo when calculating the final coordinates), the second a multi where I had forgotten to pack the printout, and there was no mobile network available to get the formula via the mobile phone, and the third was a traditional cache, where I'm not certain whether I was too stupid to find it, the coordinates were bad, or the cache was simply lost. Boo.

All in all, a nice little bike ride through well known forest terrain.