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Sun 26 Jun 2011 in Oslo:
59.9888553, 10.8545154

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In the Lillomarka forest, close to Grorud, Oslo, Norway.



eiggen's POV

We took the subway to the Ammerud station, from which we went North on Ammerudveien, until we crossed the forest path that would lead us close to the hashpoint. We followed a superbly-kept path (Oslo's forests get so much love from the different agencies and tourist communities), all the way to the Breidsjøen lake. A quick walk in the wild forest was all that was required to reach the hashpoint. Unfortunately, on our way in the forest, ha almost twist her ankle, screaming loudly when falling to the ground. Scary moment. We had to go back on our tracks a little bit, to the nearest bench installed alongside the forest path. There, she decided to sit and wait for me, saying it was not that bad after all, but that she did not want to try forest-walking again that day.

I reached the hashpoint after a few short detours, and ran back to ha, which then seemed perfectly ok and felt no pain anymore.

We walked back on another path, leading us to the Grorud subway station. We took the subway to Stortinget, in the downtown area, and went for burgers at Illegal Burger on Møllergata.