2011-06-26 50 11

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Sun 26 Jun 2011 in 50,11:
50.9888553, 11.8545154

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Near a fieldway on the Edge of Törpla - a village in the middle of nothing. Probably can't reach the hash because things are growing on it.



I had planned a trip with a group of other bikers today, but since I wanted to visit the Hash, too, I started almost an hour early (which meant really early) and agreed to meet them halfway in Trotz after I've seen my point.

Nothing special to tell about the expedition, I cycled there on the shortest route and as fast as possible (with my aching muscles), took some photos and cycled back, just in time to meet the others and join in their trip. When I was almost home my odometer showed 89 kms, so I added a quick detour to finally make the 100 complete. Thanks everybody, that was a nice day!


Geohash reached within GPS accuracy - didn't want to step further in the field.  
The point lay some steps into that field.  
Happy Hash-Rat Hans sitting near the point.