2011-06-26 45 -122

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Sun 26 Jun 2011 in 45,-122:
45.9888553, -122.8545154

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Near Deer Island, Oregon out in Columbia River



Head there after the Farmer's market


I headed to the hashpoint after the Farmer's market and doing some shopping.

I was a pretty drive, and I got to see Mt. Rainier in the distance as I headed up Hwy. 30. I was unable to find a place where I could stop and take a picture, though.

I watched the distance tick down and then saw the cross street that was after the "unnamed road" I was supposed to take. I turned around and passed the area again. (Still at 55 miles an hour.) No clear sign of the road. Finally, I pulled over to the unnamed road. It had a gate, but it was open. I looked more closely, and finally saw a No Trespassing sign.

There might have been another route in, but what was the point? That only got me close to the shore, and the hashpoint was far out in the Columbia, and I didn't have a boat, nor did I manage to convince anyone to bring one, so the shore was all I was going to manage.


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  • No Trespassing