2011-06-24 50 10

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Fri 24 Jun 2011 in 50,10:
50.5266369, 10.8253118

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In the forest between Neundorf and Steinbach, not far away from "Hohe Straße". Very near to Juja's parents' home...

Not my expedition[edit]

...so it was quite a shame that I wouldn't be able to visit that hash. But since my dad currently owns more GPS devices than I do, I tried to persuade him to visit the hash for me, which he did.

What he told me about it: the point was located in the middle of forest. My dad went there by bike, and said he could ride the bike almost to the point (yeah, a new mountainbike, he's gotta have some fun). His GPS showed a distance of four meters to the Hashpoint - so he reached it within GPS accuracy. The big GPS dance for the actual "0m" screen was not possible because of a drop-off he couldn't possibly go down with his bike.

Blurry "proof" photos[edit]

GPS device lying around at approximate hash point position, not proving anything.  
Bike in the forest, not going any further.  
Nearby deerstand that proves nothing.