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2011-06-22 53 -1

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Wed 22 Jun 2011 in 53,-1:
53.6199465, -1.1727865

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[edit] Location

Green-field public space in Campsall (near Norton), Doncaster.

[edit] Participants

Monty plans to swing by there.

[edit] Plans

The plan is to swing by there, probably park up in Campsall Park Road and walk the insignificant distance (maybe 2.5 football-field widths) to the marked spot.

[edit] Expedition

We shall see...

[edit] Tracklog

No GPS available.

[edit] Photos

(TBA, eventually. They're not even taken yet, then there'll be the delay due to bad internet connections... Oh, the backlog!)

[edit] Achievements

Worthy of note: the 2011-06-21 53 -1 geohash location is (according to the relevent Active Geohasher page, which isn't too far wrong) in Norton, Sheffield. This location is (according to the relevent Active Geohasher page, which again is close to being right), in Norton, Doncaster. I've already decided it's not playing fair to set a Tale Of Two Hashes challenge for one day and then claim its fulfillment the next, but it's definitely something to wonder about...