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Sun 19 Jun 2011 in Regensburg, Germany:
49.2648826, 12.3809181

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In a forest a couple of kilometers east of Bodenwöhr.

Tomcat, Hans, dawidi and mojibake, ...[edit]

... the latter being a new drag-along/first time geohasher, met in a park west of Regensburg shortly after 10 in the morning, and then spent the next 20 minutes or so standing in a sewer pipe (part of a playground) waiting for the rain to stop. Several more short rain showers would pass them during the day, necessitating the occasional break in a bus stop or chapel. Before lunch, they uneventfully made their way (a well-known cycle route) northwards about 35 km up the Regen river valley to get to a restaurant at Marienthal. After having eaten and waited for the end of another short shower, they continued eastwards to Nittenau, quickly logging two caches along the way.

Next they passed the airstrip at Bruck, which they remembered as being a busy place for sports pilots in the 1980s and early 1990s - but now there was grass growing between the aged tarmac segments, the tower control room had its fair share of cobwebs, and the only ground staff on duty was a dishevelled cat with mites in its ear. The hashers stood on the old visitor platform for a while, talking and taking in the abandoned airfield's atmosphere.

After a futile attempt to find another cache in the next village, they continued towards the hashpoint on a rather large and busy road through the region's typical pinewood forests, then parked their bikes next to an access road for a dogs' training facility some 50m from the coordinates. The hash forest itself had many long parallel grooves and ridges in the ground, as if it was an overgrown asparagus field or, more likely, a former swamp. Since there were lots of aggressive mosquitoes between the trees, the hashers didn't stay at the coordinates for much longer after taking the necessary pictures, and instead stood on the road outside the forest for a while eating the last pieces of mojibake's chocolate cake, and then waited out another rain shower under a nearby bridge.

A couple of kilometers more, westwards through the forests, and they emerged in Bodenwöhr, from where they went home in a crowded train via Schwandorf.