2011-06-18 50 8

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Sat 18 Jun 2011 in 50,8:
50.4057904, 8.6826114

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On a grass road through the fields near Butzbach-Ostheim.



Reach the hash coordinates without trampling any seed or plants someone might find a use for later. This seems to be getting harder by the week since spring...


The satellite imagery of a well known website showed the hash point on some kind of border between two fields, giving us hope that we might walk along the border between the fields and not damage anything.

When nearing the hash point by car, there was a grass road that I took and drove along until things seemed to be getting a bit too rough for a pure "onroader". Since Yakamoz claimed not to have her proper hashing shoes with her (and hoped I'd use some superfluos energy while walking the mere 240m to the hash point), I traveled on alone.

I passed a small crossroads in the field and then took a sharp turn slightly backwards perhaps hundred meters later, which lead me directly to the hash point- for once the sat images were aligned absolutely correct and the assumed border between fields was a grass road. Took some shots, turned right at the next opportunity and arrived at said crossroads again... This one was definititely very easy. :) My shoes didn't even get dirty... We took the Stupid Grin photo(TM) and headed back home.

Success! :-)


Coordinate shots as soon as I have access to the appropriate USB cable at home.


Rincewind and Yakamoz (well. almost.) earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (50, 8) geohash on 2011-06-18.