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2011-06-18 50 -118

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Sat 18 Jun 2011 in 50,-118:
50.4057904, -118.6826114

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[edit] Location

Silver Hills, south of Park Mountain.

[edit] Participants


[edit] Plans

Drive up Silver Hills FSR.

[edit] Expedition

Once leaving Mabel Lake Road I would not hear or see another person ahead. On Squaw Valley Road I passed a few more houses and farms.

At the next junction was a booth built by the Lumby/Mabel Lake Snowmobile Club. It stated I needed to pay a $20 fee for using the roads and trails ahead. There was no way to pay when the booth was closed, plus I knew they were referring to the Park Mountain range, not Silver Hills, and that it was for snow season. The road that was supposed to be Silver Hills FSR was instead named Irish Creek FSR, nonetheless I was certain it was the correct road.

Silver Hills FSR was in good condition, and to my surprise, I was even able to take a grown-in logging trail to within a hundred meters of the coordinates. As a rule I usually leave photography for the way back, so it was at this moment I found that my camera's battery was dead. The battery life had always been beyond what I needed, and this was the first time it left me without. I removed the battery, shook it (get those ions moving, right..?), and put it back in. I got a couple pictures before it turned off again. At the coordinates, I repeated and got a single shot. It wouldn't be coaxed into another.

Since I had time to spare (a rarity), I traveled further up the FSR before hitting heavy snow at around 1400m elevation.

[edit] Photos


[edit] Achievements

Finding snow in late June.