2011-06-18 45 -122

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Sat 18 Jun 2011 in 45,-122:
45.4057904, -122.6826114

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A house in Lake Oswego



Head to the hash point after the Farmer's market


My original plan was to head directly to the hashpoint from the Market, but when I thought about the schedule, I decided I better run my errand in Portland first, then head south to the hashpoint.

The only problem was that my printed directions went in the other direction, so I ended up looping around quite a bit trying to get the to sync up after I finished my errand in Portland. I also discovered that the batteries in the GPS had given up, and my spare set weren't much better. I ended up stealing the batteries from the camera to run the GPS.

I finally made it to the hashpoint, and headed to the house which was up the hill, which I thought was closer to the hashpoint. It appeared to be 80 feet towards the back of the house from the front of the garage, so I put on my most friendly ambassador face and knocked on the door. No answer.

I waited a bit, and gave up.

As I headed back to the car, I thought for a bit and realized that maybe the downslope house might be close enough from its backyard, so I headed there. As I headed up the driveway, I saw the same 130 feet I saw from the other house. I knocked on the door, but got no answer, but as I was going to give up, I looked at the GPS. 32 feet! I'd made it at the door. I did a little GPS dance and it stayed in that range, so I'm going to declare it a success.


To be uploaded, but limited in number


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