2011-06-17 45 -122

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Fri 17 Jun 2011 in 45,-122:
45.5659920, -122.5262482

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On Marine Drive in Portland, about 2.3 miles east of the 2011-02-26 45 -122 hashpoint. And 0.5 miles from 2010-07-17 45 -122!!!



Jim: Looks like too much of a fun hashpoint for Jim to miss out on. M5K: Planning?  :-)



Well, you don't pass up low-hanging fruit. I took a side trip on the way to work to head up to Marine Drive. I drove over the hashpoint once, turned around, drove over it again, then parked for a few minutes to enjoy the river and the early-morning industrial traffic.

Expedition two[edit]

I headed to Portland after work. Traffic was pretty heavy, and I was wondering if I should take side roads, but it was probably just as well I didn't. I headed up on 122nd street and passed by the hashpoint a couple of times before stopping and parking so I could take some photos. I got about 12 feet on one of my passes, and went for the Speed Racer as well, since it seemed to be in the roadway.

Then I headed home.


Jim has to upload his.


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