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2011-06-12 45 7

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Sun 12 Jun 2011 in 45,7:
45.8714787, 7.1557682

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[edit] Location

Italian side of Great St Bernard Pass, about 2500 m above sea level. OSM

2011-06-12 45 7 map.jpg

[edit] Participants

[edit] Plans

Change trains in Martigny and Sembrancher, take the bus in Orsières, arrive to Grand-St-Bernard at 12:50. Walk to the hash. Same way back, bus leaving at 16:20.

[edit] visit

Great St Bernard Hospice, museum and Via Francigena temporary exhibition

[edit] Expedition

Everything went according to plan, and we both enjoyed the day, as can be seen from the pictures.

We had a very good (and reasonably priced) coffee resp. ice cream at the hotel on the Italian side, then we visited the museum at the hospice before taking the bus back.

[edit] Photos

Train in Sembrancher 
Bus in Orsières 
Scenic road up to the pass 
Elisa about to start from where the bus left us 
Lake at the pass 
Swiss side of the border 
Our first hash in Italy! 
Border geohash 
On the other side of the pass, way down towards Aosta 
View towards our goal (The hashpoint is in the center of the picture.) 
We had to walk in the snow 
Getting closer... 
Only a few meters left, the melting snow was producing wide streams to cross. 
Coordinates reached! 
We left a marker. 
Where we came from, as seen from the hash 
Fauna at the geohash - there were hundreds of those. 
Flora (2) 
Flora (3) 
Flora (4) 
Pass seen from the Italian side, with the hospice in the background 
We encountered a car race. 

[edit] Achievements

Crox and Elisa earned the Border geohash achievement
by crossing the Swiss-Italian border on 2011-06-12 to reach the (45, 7) geohash.
2011-06-12 45 7 07-italy-sign-IMG 1016.JPG