2011-06-07 46 -92

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Tue 7 Jun 2011 in 46,-92:
46.8462235, -92.4653065

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Near Saginaw, MN, across from a truck weigh station and not far west of the crossroads of Highway 2 and Highway 33.


Le Fou plus one.


Looks like this landed in the middle of the westbound land of Highway 2, so I plan to drive over the point as fast as legally allowed. Then have coffee. I'll see if we can get photos while driving...


Rather unremarkable. We packed for coffee, then drove to the hash point. I had a civilian navigator, who mislead us to a truck stop temporarily, where we witnessed some unabashed hugging (no photos to protect the innocent). A quick review of the geohash point told us it was a little further up the road. We drove over it, then pulled over to the shoulder and backed up next to it to get a shot of some near misses. If those other drivers only knew...




  • Land Geohash
  • Speed Racer?