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Wed 1 Jun 2011 in Turku:
60.4526587, 22.2514905

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I was driving back to work from the Island of Ruissalo where I had just lowered my yacht to the sea. I was passing this hashpoint and I decided to visit it. I don't remember hash point ever being so close to the city center. Main railway station is only about 100 meters from the point. I checked the place from map beforehand. I noticed that the exact spot is right on the corner of an old wooden house. So, navigating was very easy this time. This area has some very nice old wooden houses. The on which is most interesting, is Paavo Nurmi's old home. Paavo Nurmi has won nine gold medals in olympics which makes him one of the most succesful athletes in the world. The road next to the hash point is very busy, so I decided not to take picture of my face but I hope that the ones I took, are good enough :)

- Suurnesu

I was on a work trip to my good old home town and i happened to be near the hash point, Suurnesu already described the place really good. The hash point was really near the railroad station and at a very easy spot this time. On the way back to the car i bought a icecream in the Railway station Park ( http://kioskiturku.blogspot.com/ )

- Team_pson

This geohash came so close to centrum that I had to cycle there. This was also the closest geohash to my home, only 1,3 kilometers, at least I haven't ever saw a hash closer than that. And when this was right on the sideway and the location was easily accessible I passed by the place and took some photos for the proof of visit.

- nsk



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