2011-05-22 45 -122

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Places one might go from today's hashpoint.

Sun 22 May 2011 in 45,-122:
45.6495345, -122.5661950

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The center median area on I-205 just south of the SR500 on the Washington side.




Drive up and be unable to reach the hashpoint

I knew that the hashpoint was in the (fairly large) median between North and South I-205, which meant it couldn't be reached from either side since there is no pedestrian access to I-205.

I had noticed in Google maps that I-205 did an overpass to a smaller side street, and thought I could scramble up between the bridges, but Google Street View revealed a fence, so that didn't seem possible.



After my successful Geohashing day expedition, I was partway to this hashpoint, so I figured that I would drive the 20 miles north to pass near the hashpoint.

So, I started north, and then realized I needed to program the GPS. (Again)

I got back onto I-205, and headed north, watching the miles tick down. Eventually, I got close to the hashpoint, and I moved into the left hand lane so I was as close as possible to the hashpoint when I passed it.

I noticed the overpass that I though would give me access, and noticed that there was a fence just as Google Street view showed.

Then the distance ticked down to a couple hundred feet.

Then 18 feet. Then a few hundred feet. Oh well - I can head home.

WAIT - 18 feet! That's within the error range! We made it!

Except the hashpoint isn't until Sunday, and it is Saturday still(in Oregon), so it is only a Retro.

I took the next exit, turned around, and headed home. The hashpoint was a lot further away from the southbound side of the highway.


I leapt out of bed at first light to grab my GPS and trusty hashcot in order to be at the site before the morning traffic kicked in. Getting adjusted in the northbound I-205 traffic so that there was no one for a quarter mile or so behind me, I simply pulled over into the median near the hashpoint; the shoulder was pretty narrow, so I pulled all the way over into the grass. Then it was just a quick walk to ground zero to take a couple of pictures. When I got back to the truck, there was another convenient hole in the traffic that let me hop back onto the freeway.



None taken. I was driving.




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