2011-05-22 45 -121

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Sun 22 May 2011 in 45,-121:
45.6495345, -121.5661950

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Tucker County Park, South of the town of Hood River.



Going by myself. I plan to be there 1200 or 1300 & stay a little while.


I had a nice drive, and it WAS sunny in Hood River. But Google lied, the hash was in or just across the Hood River. My GPS calculated it as 30 m away from me. It was private property on the other side, and the river was too fast, high and cold to wade today.

So a near miss, defeated again by the Northwest's wonderful, plentiful water. But I checked out a nice county park and bought some atlatal darts at Good Karma.


I have the log, now to figure out how to link to it.



  • MNB??