2011-05-21 50 -119

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Sat 21 May 2011 in 50,-119:
50.3363335, -119.6496377

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North of Bouleau Lake, west of Westside Road.




I was pouting because I had no easily achievable coordinates for Geohashing Day. Late in the day I decided it would be better to go as far as I could.


I had been in the area back when I was new to geohashing. I got really close but decided to let nature win. I would totally be up for a rematch now, except being May instead of August I was sure it would be locked in with snow. If I hadn't slept in I could of attempted a long snowshoe.

When I had been on this road three years ago, I remember thinking how rough and treacherous it was. Either they upgraded the road (unlikely) or all this geohashing had altered my perception of what was a good road.

As I gained altitude, I began driving through patches of snow, but at around 1200m it changed completely. There was only one set of tire tracks, and amusingly, they went a few meters meters ahead before reversing. I didn't have snow tires or chains, so I enjoyed some of the brisk air, then headed back.

Once back to civilization I did a little sightseeing and took a few shots. Overall, much better than staying at home. I believe that's the point of all of this.





Juventas earned the 2011 Geohashing Day achievement
by finding snow in the (50, -119) graticule on May 21st 2011.