2011-05-21 40 -74

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Sat 21 May 2011 in 40,-74:
40.3363335, -74.6496377

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D & R Canal path, in Princeton Township. The tow path on the east side of the canal is the dividing line between Princeton and West Windsor Township [1], so the margin for error overlaps the border.


Jevanyn will try to make it at 4PM, time is somewhat flexible, and I may be bringing Evan and/or other dragalongs.


Jevanyn: I've been in the area a hundred times, as 206 is my regular route to Cape May. I can't make it in the morning, but I'm going to make an effort to be there if there is a meetup.


  • Feh. Google Maps lied; there was no trail on the east side of the canal. Starting from Alexander Rd., a short gravely path leads to a fenced off power station just before the train line. Beyond the train tracks is a grassy way, but it was flooded in places. I made the closest approach possible on the opposite side of the canal. If I'd come earlier, and if there had been more people (ahem) I could have rented a canoe and gotten closer, but I was (briefly) within the margin of error for my GPS.

Not knowing the lay of the land (GPS malfunctioning until after I got to the trailhead) I ended up parked about a mile from the canal. It started to rain just as I headed back. -- Jevanyn 03:31, 22 May 2011 (EDT)

Stuff that sucks[edit]

  • The weather. Rained six days in a row.
  • The GPS on my phone, without which I parked over a mile from the canal.
  • Google Maps, which said there was a path or something on the east side of the canal, when there wasn't.
  • Walking uphill for a mile in the rain.
  • Not getting a canoe when the geohash is spitting distance from a canal. Duh!



Jevanyn earned the 2011 Geohashing Day achievement
by celebrating in the (40, -74) graticule on May 21st 2011.