2011-05-21 28 85

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Sat 21 May 2011 in 28,85:
28.3363335, 85.6496377

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1km over the Tibetan border at 5500m in altitude. Approximately 10km west of Shishapangma, the worlds 14th highest mountain.

user:thepiguy was actually residing one graticule to the south (in the great ciry of Kathmandu) but seeing as the hashpoints were all unreachable, why not pretend to attempt the most ambitious one?



Pray to Buddha for a reachable hashpoint. I knew I should have tried Vishnu.


user:thepiguy had prepared all he could for that important evening but, in the end, the Kathmandu valley was small and the surrounding mountains vast and unforgiving. The lone geohasher let out a single small *sigh* and curled up into a ball on his squishy hotel bed.

At least, he thought, his colleagues in his home graticule of Vancouver would be suffering just as much as he was...