2011-05-20 52 6

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Fri 20 May 2011 in 52,6:
52.2098210, 6.9051947

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Arvid cannot skip this as it is a honorable couch potato. Google claims a 550m walk there, straight line is about 470m. Arvid is the day off and will try to convince some other people to join. The hash looks to be in the middle of a T-junction, so probably accessible.



At 20:33 I left home, after sleeping through the afternoon. The true geohashing spirit was in the last 370m walk to the hash: I'd never been there. The first 200m were known territory. I reached the hash at 20:39, doing the dance. The hash was at the edge of the road, probably just in the hedge. I could reach far enough over the hedge to get the coordinates right though, so no problem there. At 20:40 I left the hashpoint and at 20:46 I was home again.

Hashpoint in Google Streetview