2011-05-15 36 -76

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Sun 15 May 2011 in Norfolk:
36.7878111, -76.2785122

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Near the eastern end of Godwin Ave, just west of Franklin St, Chesapeake.




This was my first attempt at a Geo Hash. This was only a few blocks off a route home from work, so it seemed like a good "first catch."


I did the navigation, with my phone and the app open, while my wife was behind the wheel. There were some hiccups, as there was either not good data reception in the area of the hashpoint...or my phone was acting up. In any case, the zoomed-in Google Maps tiles weren't showing up, so I was glad the directions were quite simple to get there.

We found the point as we were stopping at the end of the street (too close to the corner to try for a Speed Racer this time). At this point, I'm not sure about the nature of the proof required, so I probably skimped out. I have a tracklog, but I don't have any photos.




Maplestar earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (36, -76) geohash on 2011-05-15.