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2011-05-14 49 -121

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This expedition is probably our most fun example of how geohashing can make a day more interesting even if you don't try really hard to get to the geohash.

2011-05-14 49 -122.robyn.jpg

Sat 14 May 2011 in 49,-121:
49.3463619, -121.8243191

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[edit] Location

In the water on the west shore of Harrison Lake.

[edit] Participants

[edit] Plans

Wade and Robyn received a gift of a night in the resort quite near here, and it looked as though the hot springs outlet into the lake might be near the geohash. Armed with Wade's new waterproof camera, we planned an underwater attempt.

[edit] Expedition

On the way we stopped for pie and lunch at Chilliwack airport, and on the way home we bought cheese and chocolate, watched Thor in 3D, and ate two Dungeness crabs for dinner.

We were thought we might jump in and get underwater at the geohash, but we wanted to stay dry and safe on the way there and back. There were a wide variety of rental boats available, but we couldn't find an appropriate compromise between speed, safety, comfort and price. The nature of the facility that prevented us from approaching the site on foot dampened our enthusiasm for being underwater at the site, so we found a cleaner, warmer and more comfortable spot to be underwater: one of the resort pools, filled with naturally heated hot-springs water.