2011-05-14 45 -122

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Sat 14 May 2011 in 45,-122:
45.3463619, -122.8243191

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Wetlands near SW Baker Street in Sherwood, Oregon



Since it was fairly nearby, I figured I'd swing by after the Farmer's market. I did plan enough to put my boots in the car, though.


I arrived at the house adjacent to the hashpoint as someone was leaving. I explained what I was doing and they protested that they had given no one any permission to put anything on the place. I tried to explain that it was random, but I don't think they got it. However, since I only wanted a photo, they said I could go look at it, but when we looked into the backyard, they said the spot it must be in the wetlands beyond their fence.

I asked if I could go up to the fence, because that 300 feet that the GPS said might magically shrink down to 60 or 70 when I hit the spacefold located in the middle of the yard.

It didn't, so I took a photo of brambles over the fence. The owner said I'd have to talk to the "government" about wetlands.

I went around to try to get to the hashpoint from the other side, but only found a very steep slope. So I gave up and went home.


Still in the Camera


  • MNB?