2011-05-12 50 13

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Thu 12 May 2011 in 50,13:
50.9774874, 13.6253941

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On a crosswalk in Freital-Cossmannsdorf, right beside the train station of a narrow-gauge railway.



Like last year Reinhard drove to the annual quaeldich.de editor meeting. This time it took place in Dlouhá Louka (Czech Republic) and Reinhard was accompanied by Marc on his short trip from Leipzig. By taking a detour of 2 km and leaving the motorway one exit earlier (Dresden-Gorbitz instead of Dresden-Südvorstadt) they could easily reach the hashpoint, which was on or close to a crosswalk at a crossing right beside a train station of a narrow-gauge railway. Marc didn't seem too dumbfounded by the crazy habit of geohashing and as a railway fan and DB employee he was even attracted by the interesting location.

After irritating numerous approaching cars by hanging around near or on the crosswalk, they rode on to Dlouhá Louka and still were the first to arrive.


Reinhard and Marc at the hashpoint.  
Coordinates reached. (Didn't want to disturb drivers while shooting photos on the crosswalk.)  
Crosswalk and train station.  
Train station.  


Reinhard earned the Drag-along achievement
by dragging Marc to the (50, 13) geohash on 2011-05-12.