2011-05-11 49 -119

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Wed 11 May 2011 in Kelowna, British Columbia:
49.0160713, -119.5543678

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Just North of the U.S..



Kate and I spent 2 nights at the Walnut Beach Resort in Osoyoos and needed to hammer back down to Stevenson xxxx morning. But then the hash was posted and it was just 8.5 Km west of us, near Kilpoola Lake


My first international hash!

The first problem was that I had no map. It was obvious that it was right there, and it had fishing reviews so it could be accessed, but how ? I was a little frantic but the maintaince guy at Walnut Beach told me to take Old Richter Passage Rd, I couldn't miss it. Right.

But it wasn't bad. Old Richter Passage Rd was there, as was Kruger Mt Rd. Those both made Google maps. But as I was told Kruger Mt Rd did make it down to Blue Lake, just N of Kipoola Lk. From there it was a very easy walk 2.5 Km to the hash, with only one gully to cross. Kate wasn't feeling well so I did the last Km (where it left the trail) by myself. A jog back to Kate and the car. She is so sweet to put up with me.

If we had made an illegal border cross from Smilkamen Rd in WA we could have driven up the 2 klicks from there. That road did show on my map. I wasn't that far out of the U.S., but it was great to be "loose in the world" once again.



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