2011-05-10 53 -1

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Tue 10 May 2011 in 53,-1:
53.4957903, -1.3347794

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In a public field, behind the houses of Oak Road, Wath-upon-Dearne, near Rotherham.


Monty to have a go, to make up for the previous two failures.


Another after-work expedition. This one's more in the middle of the (ex-)industrial heartlands of South Yorkshire than in the grassy fields of the Peak District, but it appears to actually be more accessible, and not far (around five and ten minutes' walk, respectively) from a place Monty has worked and the house one of his childhood friends once lived in.

From the overheads, it appears that the hashpoint is actually within a bit of unmowed (and en-treed) land within a public playing field field behind the ubiquitous semi-detatched terrace of houses, to be accessed at the point Ash Road abutts Oak Road, so it should be simplicity itself to park up around that point in the estate and walk through the snicket/jennel/ginnel (whatever they call such a thing in Wath, I've forgotten), before making an eyeball survey of the exact point. The natives aren't expected to be unfriendly, so long as they don't have anything against a Barnsley accent. :)


(Need a stable link to get the photos up, but this is a placeholder. The local vegetation was far more viscious than the overheads suggested, but... Success!!!)






TBA (not extreme enough for MNIMB, but maybe a Gratuitious version will be claimed...)