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Tue 3 May 2011 in 50,11:
50.8103727, 11.2785273

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On a colza/rape field near Treppendorf, Thuringia.



Reinhard, being clever, thought having a pizza before going on a bike expedition would save his trip. Being wiser now, he knows that this was only the first half of the truth. The second half would have meant to wear clothes which are appropriate for the prevalent outdoor temperatures. One should think that Reinhard might be able to estimate the right clothing for his bike trips after more or less extensive cycling for the last 10 years, but every once in a while he totally fails. So he did this time.

While finding the hashpoint and the roads leading there was a cakewalk, the hard part was keeping the feeling in fingers (short bike gloves) and feet (no overshoes). On the way back to Jena Reinhard had to stop twice for centrifuging his extremities and warming his toes between thighs and hands.

Lessons learned:

  • May doesn't mean summer.
  • 80+ km are enough to get cold.
  • You'd better believe Manu. (She reported of frozen hands on her morning bike ride to work.)
  • Turning around after 1 km of freezing and fetching warmer clothes can save time compared to numerous stops for revitalizing body parts.


Rape field with hashpoint  
Reinhard at the hashpoint.  
Coordinates reached.