2011-04-28 32 -111

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Thu 28 Apr 2011 in Casa Grande:
32.2066128, -111.1282844

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Kinney Rd. near Old Tucson Studios



Looked this one up early in the morning and saw that I'd be going right by it on the way to RoadRunner's house that evening. The thought was that I'd take the GPS and be able to make the stop while it was still daylight out. Little did I know that I'd be running late and totally forget about it until I was almost there. So with Google maps leading the way on my iPhone and a GPS app to display the coordinates, I conquered the desert with the penlight from my car and avoided all the cactus spines.

By the way, if anyone knows of a good GPS app for the iPhone let me know. I've been using MotionX and, while its pretty nice, the precision seems to be about 0.000100 degrees. Explained to the developers that I get no change in coordinates for about 40 yards, then it increments about 0.000110. Better precision would be nicer for geohashing. I've seen a phone locator app increment with every step I take, so it is possible.