2011-04-09 52 7

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Sat 9 Apr 2011 in 52,7:
52.3338518, 7.1192604

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Arvid went there on saturday 4pm



Tracklog by bicycle

Only about 25km from home, at the other side of the most challenging hill within 60km or so, on a sunny saturday. How could I *not* go? It was a boring accessible field, and no one else showed up at 4pm. I thought I found the road north of the field unmapped in OSM, so I took that, but it was a dead end. On the way back I found two roads that are useful and unmapped though. Oh, and I did that hill a couple more times on the way back, 11 times in total. 10 times from the (harder) southside. Elevation profile, according to some profile-thingie 762m elevation, which is very odd in my area.