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Thu 7 Apr 2011 in 49,8:
49.6325237, 8.6557980

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On a forest track near Heppenheim



Very pleasant expedition. From Heppenheim station, I walked a bit through town before leaving it. My routing software told me to follow some country road, but I preferred walking through the woods, so I decided to follow a forest track although it was not on OpenStreetMap (!). I strayed through the woods for a while until I stumbled upon the trail on which the geohash was located.

After finding the point and leaving a marker, I went back on a different way. Returning to Heppenheim, I had a beautiful view all across the Rhine valley. I could see the TV tower of Mannheim (20 km away), the nuclear power plant near Biblis (18 km) and, on the horizon, the hills of the Palatinate Forest (about 40 km).

Back in Heppenheim, I strolled around the old town for a while, bought a bottle of Pinot Gris, found a bouncy ball and then took the train back home.