2011-04-02 49 -122

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Sat 2 Apr 2011 in 49,-122:
49.2684066, -122.8820211

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On the street in Coquitlam, near Clarke Rd and Thomson Ave.



HollyB and DaleF[edit]

Woke up, saw where the hash was, and promptly forgot (or couldn't login) to put something on the page saying our plans. Went to a delicious breakfast at IHOP, then caught the 97 out and walked back the two blocks to the geohash, arriving at 3:35 or so. Our only camera/GPS was a smartphone that was temperamental until a reboot settled it down. We forgot to bring chalk, so there's no evidence of our being there. :( Took pictures of the area and ourselves, including a local telephone pole that might be proof of location. Left very shortly after 4:00 and walked back to Lougheed station.

Robbat2 and Amethest[edit]

Arrived approx 19h00 via car with one ride-along, shortly before sunset. Smartphone was also being temperamental, so couldn't use Android GeoHash app. Bad sky view prevented a good fix with backup GPS unit. Marked rough spot with chalk "The Internet Was Here", and took cellphone photos.