2011-04-01 42 24

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Fri 1 Apr 2011 in 42,24:
42.0760312, 24.3007916

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Near Radilovo village.


Kisolre and Vania (almost to the point)


To visit the hash while going on vacation.


We were going on vacation at 01.04 so I checked the hashes along the road and with a little trip extension this one was within reach. We started from Varna at 07 o'clock. After 6-7 hours and some 400 km we reached Radilovo. The road was not very good so Vania stayed to watch the car and I went to the hash by foot. It was between some fruit trees but since there was no fence around and noone to ask I figured that it was Ok to go there. I planted a card, took some pictures and headed back to the car. An hour later we reached the guest house and had a long longed rest.



Ate at myponga.png
Kisolre earned the April Fool's Geohash
by hashing on April 1st. (42, 24) geohash on 2011-04-01.