2011-03-31 45 -122

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Thu 31 Mar 2011 in 45,-122:
45.5215222, -122.8057067

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In a housing complex in Beaverton, near Barnes Road and Hwy 26



Jim was going to go by after work.


Jim went by after work. He first went one exit too far, and got to backtrack on the side roads, which was actually a little fun, since he doesn't go through that section that often.

Eventually, the GPS started to point to the left, and he jumped into the nearby parking lot. Which was really for the wrong housing complex, but luckily there was a path between them. And it turned out he couldn't have actually turned left into the correct one.

I took the path, and soon ran into a stream. It would have been a Kingdom for a Boat ending if there hadn't been a footbridge over it. I crossed, and eventually my GPS pointed to the right. I finally ended up near the corner of one of the buildings, with the GPS saying I was 20 feet away. It was unclear which direction the 20 feet was, as it seemed to keep changing as I moved around.

I took some photos, and headed back to my car to return home.


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