2011-03-31 33 -83

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Thu 31 Mar 2011 in 33,-83:
33.5215222, -83.8057067

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In a wooded area approximately 357 meters from Benton Dairy Road in Newton Co. GA.



I looked for any interesting hashes in the morning. This one seemed a marginal possibility. I was interested because it was about 6.7 kilometers from Mansfield GA which I passed through the previous day on expedition.

Looking at the sat photo of the hash it looked like a fail waiting to happen, at least for me. The hash is well off road in what must be private property. I've not had the opportunity yet to approach a private property owner to ask for permission to enter their property (and I'm apprehensive about doing so). I put the hash aside in my mind as I had to get some work done.

About 7PM I lost my mind and decided to try it before dark. Checked the net for EDT sunset time, about 8PM today. It's amazing how I can talk myself into stuff like this. (I can visit my big brother on the way back home! I can qualify for some Achievements! This might be fun to try in the dark!)


Quickly printed out maps, etc. and hit the road about 7:20 PM. This was going to be close. I figured I would have about 10 or so minutes time on target upon arrival. How long could it take to walk less than 400 meters? I started to worry when my Nuvi shifted to night mode and I was still on the road.

The GPS got me when it took me to the end of Reserve Drive to the east of the hash. My limited planning was based on approaching from Benton Dairy Road to the west. Since I was there anyway, I snapped a shot from the cul-de-sac looking towards the treeline that held the hash (see picture).

Looped back around to Benton Dairy Road. I figured that I would skirt the treeline to the hash. When I arrived at my jump-off point (culvert under road that carries the drainage for the wooded area, the only place that I could safely park the car [see picture]), it was really close to darkness. Most of the wooded area was not fenced in because it was not suitable for livestock as it was "ditch-y". Spotted the no trespassing sign on the fence a few meters further up the road. Decided this was as far as I would go.

I messed around with my technology for a few minutes and gave it a pass. Closest approach to hash was 326 meters (from Reserve Road, to the east). Round trip travel about 70 miles, 3.0 hours (including stops and detours on the way home).


Achievement (Dubious)[edit]

tomkf61 earned the No trespassing consolation prize
by almost reaching the (33, -83) geohash on 2011-03-31.