2011-03-30 -36 174

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Wed 30 Mar 2011 in -36,174:
-36.6598597, 174.7265789

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Karepiro Bay, Auckland, New Zealand

Just happens to be where I do a 16k run, lucky as there is no other way in.



Go to work, work, bit more work, bit more..

Then change into running kit, nick a GPS on my way out the door and head up to Okura Bush Scenic Reserve for a nice trail run. On my way back I'll nip into the clearing and play GPS tag until I get it.


Was pretty awesome. Snuck out of work at around 4pm and headed up to Okura. Was there in about 20mins, chucked my camel pack on, checked I had the GPS and camera and then trotted off for a quick run.

Scoped out the clearing on my way past the first time, the halfway mark for the run was a wee bit further so smashed that out and came back for a little break and some hash finding.

As always its never as easy as you think! Damn you, nature. A pretty grass clearing was actually a swamp in the middle, but some careful navigating and quick side steps over rather spongy grass/ a creek, and I was there.

Photos taken and me finally happy that I'd achieved a hash this year. Man, and I thought it was never going to happen.

Sorry you weren't here Greenslime, maybe next time...