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Thu 24 Mar 2011 in 49,8:
49.4534780, 8.7590657

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Between Peterstal (since 1975 a part of Heidelberg, the point itself is close to Heidelberg's northernmost point) and Wilhelmsfeld, near a street, in very steep terrain.



Expedition total: 3 hours, walked 26 km.

This expedition was this month's tenth expedition in the Mannheim graticule. March 2011 is now the month with the most expeditions in 49 8 since the beginning of geohashing!

When on Wednesday I realized the coordinates were only about 13 km from central Heidelberg, I immediately started to think about a walk expedition. It both fitted into my current training regime and would beat my personal best walk expedition distance. The coordinates also looked very accessible on Google's satellite images. On top of that, the weather was sunny and warm, and I had enough time in the evening to start early in order to be back home before it would be getting dark.

I started the expedition a little later than planned, but everything else went fine. I'm suffering from shin splints since a few weeks, but the pain didn't get worse during the run (maybe also due to some kinesio taping). When I left the sunny Neckar valley to run towards Peterstal, it got significantly colder - the sun must have left the valley hours ago. The street led uphill, and I soon approached the coordinates. They were not close to the street, as I had hoped, but seemed to be about 10 or 20 m next to it - between trees, and in very steep terrain. It wasn't safe to enter the forest in a 90 degree angle towards the hashpoint, as the risk of slipping and falling back on the street would have been too great. So I searched for a more convenient point to climb up, and soon found the coordinates, event though satellite reception was really bad in the valley unter all those trees.

When I was back down at the Neckar, the sky was getting orange and I realized that due to my late start of the expedition I had no chance to be back in Heidelberg to take some pictures of the setting sun. Instead, I was greeted by bats hunting insects in the twilight. I still managed to take some pictures of the gradually dimming, atmospheric post-sunset light near the Old Bridge. When I returned home exactly 3 hours after I left, it was almost dark, and I realized that this expedition was my longest run in about 7 years.


http://www.everytrail.com/view_trip.php?trip_id=1011770 (bad reception during large parts of the trip)