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2011-03-20 53 -1

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Sun 20 Mar 2011 in Sheffield:
53.3877725, -1.6268758

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[edit] Location

Multihash 1 of 5. In a field north of the A57 at Hollow Meadows about seven miles west of Sheffield.

2011-03-20 53 -1 ::2011-03-20 52 -1 ::2011-03-20 52 -0 ::2011-03-20 52 0 ::2011-03-20 52 1

[edit] Participants


[edit] Expedition

Sourcerer (Neil) set out from his friends' house in Staffordshire at 10am. This was the first of five hashpoints on this 599km journey which ended at Neil's house. The road was quite easy to locate. After crossing the A57 Snake Pass, the road drops to Hollow Meadows althoughg it is still high enough for fine views. This is an interesting road with great scenery but a poor accident record. Finding a parking place on the single lane road was less easy. The walk to the hashpoint was 2.7 km. There were excellent views over the Peak District national park. It was quite windy on the high ground and fine rain threatened from time to time.

The hashpoint was in a stream bed so Neil's feet got wet and muddy. Sadly a sheep had died and was quietly rotting beside the stream. This must be a fairly common occurence because there was another sheep's skull nearby.

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