2011-03-18 45 -122

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Fri 18 Mar 2011 in 45,-122:
45.4750802, -122.5598235

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Outside the offices of an industrial company south of Foster Road, near I-205.



Jim figured he'd make a stab.



This hashpoint is just a short bump off the drive to work. The location is a large open industrial space, and the hashpoint sits on a small patch of grass in front of a trailer that is the office for the operation.

Driving up to within forty feet of the hashpoint was easy. As I did so, I noticed employees arriving for the day unlocking the trailer office. At this point, I had the following options:

  • I could park and cheerfully greet the employees, explain that I was pursuing a goofy hobby and ask if they minded me stepping on their grass verge. They could say yes or no, and we would both go on with our days.
  • I could park and walk purposefully up to the office, then pause, step back (onto the hashpoint) to "survey my surroundings," then go back to my truck making apologetic gestures conveying "oops, wrong place."
  • I could march up to the office, ask "Is this Mt. Scott Fuel?" and nod gratefully at their helpful directions to that place, then leave, walking across the hashpoint on the way back to my truck.
  • I could enact my eternal destiny as a shy person, turning around and driving away rather than risk the embarassment of a conversation with strangers.

Guess which one I picked!


Jim tried, but it was dark and the fence was closed, so no joy.


Michael:Earlier this year, I decided to allow myself to claim successful expeditions if a hashpoint was on in-town residential private property and I could clearly see it from a street, sidewalk, or alley. I could clearly see the location of today's hashpoint, and got within 40 feet -- but this was on a commercial/industrial site, and as is clear from the above, I could have reached it pretty easily if I wasn't such a shrinking goddam violet. Expedition Fail.