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Thu 17 Mar 2011 in 49,8:
49.7345653, 8.8628694

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On an orchard close to Fränkisch-Crumbach



As usual, I started my expedition at the main station of Heidelberg. In Weinheim, I changed to the old secondary line Weschnitztalbahn. The engine driver of the diesel locomotive had to use the horn for every small road the train crossed, so he was almost constantly honking.

I left at the terminus, Fürth, and started cycling from there. The weather was pretty lousy, especially the visibility, but at least it wasn't raining. I crossed several small villages and cycled mostly between fields. The terrain was hilly and once again I noticed that my bike isn't very suited for steep climbs. However, I managed the whole expedition with getting off to push only one time.

When I approached the hashpoint, I was stopped by a barbed wire fence that enclosed an orchard. I assume that its only purpose was to keep off fruit thieves in late summer, but I didn't want to enter the property without permission. Since nobody was around, I decided to go on my way back.

I decided not to return to Fürth directly but to take a detour to Lindenfels, which, as I had remarked during my preparations for the expedition, was the location of an old castle. The way to Lindenfels was one of the most exhausting parts of the trip, but I managed to get there and strolled around the castle area for a bit before having a cappuccino in a nearby cafe. After that, I went on my way home.