2011-03-12 50 8

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Sat 12 Mar 2011 in 50,8:
50.7281900, 8.6957004

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In the woods between two dirt roads outside small town Niederwalgern.


Get there in a work break (I was learning for a certification, Yakamoz was working on her dissertation).



We drove from Gießen using my car navigation system. A couple of hundred meters from the hash point, we stopped and switched to outdoor gps and walking. The farmish building on the satellite photos smelled and sounded suspiciously like a pig pen.

For a change, we decided on the correct path and thus went by the hashpoint on a agricultural road, leaving us with just 20m to shuffle into the forest and then hunting the "0m" screenshot. Having reached the coordinates, we returned home for supper and searched for any productivity still to be found in us.

Rincewind was reminded that he preferred fried pigs' smell to that of living pigs.


maybe later


Land geohash achievement, will add later.