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2011-03-09 45 -122

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Wed 9 Mar 2011 in 45,-122:
45.5962276, -122.5374420

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[edit] Location

A residential enclave on the north shore of the Columbia, east of Vancouver.

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[edit] Expedition

This attempt at a lunchtime hash ended where a private access road crossed a rail grade into a small wooded residential neighborhood inhabited by folks of considerable means. With the GPS pointing due south, the access road took a sharp turn to the east and began looking distinctly drivewaylike. A more gregarious geohasher might have knocked on doors, and someone not due back at work might have tried a little bushwhacking, but I settled for a no-tresspassing fail.

I hadn't noticed my winning streak, but this Expedition -- my 49th -- is the first fail since Expedition #30! I truly doubt I'll ever clock 18 straight wins again.

Bizarrely, the Curse of Wednesday continues: I am 0-4 for Wednesdays.

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