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2011-03-06 50 8 marker.jpg

Sun 6 Mar 2011 in 50,8:
50.0356622, 8.0063962

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Somewhere in a strip of wood near Oestrich-Winkel.



We started off at 2:30pm and took the A66/B42 to Oestrich-Winkel. Google actually showed a road leading most of the way to the hash but unfortunately it wasn't open to the public (residents only). So considering the brilliant weather that day we parked at the "Lohmühle" about 2 km from the hash and started walking.

We came across a very nice view point looking back across Oestrich-Winkel, took a couple of photos and noted that we were following the "Flötenweg". From there we seem to have crossed an airstrip for model airplanes (see sign below) before finding a little horse riding center hidden in the woods with two dogs that went mental from as far as a couple of hundred meters away.

Moving on (strangely going up all the time) we got closer and LadyBB took over the GPS. At which point Mampfred did get ... let's call it impatient, as these things aren't as intuitive as you might think. The GPS, not LadyBB. Well, both, actually. Anyway, we eventually found the hash, built an XKCD sign and planted the marker a couple of meters into the woods.

On the way back we passed a strange ruin which apparently is video surveiled to discourage thefts ... although it doesn't exactly look like there's something to steal there. We didn't even try so we'll never find out if there's a) something to steal or b) indeed a surveilance system ;)

We visited some old friends of LadyBB on the way back which is why the GPS track stops quite suddenly because we didn't want to reveal their location. Thanks for the coffee :)

In total we walked about 6km up and down a hill with a 210m altitude difference, look at the last bit of the track log where the speed/altitude graph looks like the very hill itself. I might be wrong here but I do get the feeling sometimes that for some reason hashes tend to be on top of steep hills in our area. Bill, you doing that on purpose?


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Mampfred and LadyBB earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (50, 8) geohash on 2011-03-06.
Mampfred and LadyBB earned the Consecutive geohash achievement
by reaching 2 consecutive hash points starting on 2011-03-05.